Sunday, February 27, 2011

Flea Market Find s -- only one but a good one!

I found this little girl looking for a new home .. isn' t she sweet?
Now where is my friend MMMC when I find some European Mid Century pottery?
It is a stoneware wall plaque, Made in Germany, it is marked on the back
Rheinfelder/Handarbeit MA  and it is about 20cm square.
Even my hubby likes it, so for now she' ll sit on a plate stand in the lounge room (the plaque does have 2 holes in the rim at the back to hang it, but we have solid walls and putting a hook up is a major job) !
if you have had some great finds this week, come on over to Sophie's to share them, or just pop over for an interesting read, so many new finds all in one week. . .  it is amazing.


  1. She is just beautiful! I rather like her hair style and may have to try it out myself!

    :) xx Claire

  2. she is. pretty. i also like the fact the plate is sort of square. makes a nice change!

  3. She is indeed very sweet - rather an unusual find I think. I am sure there is a collector out there somewhere that will be able to tell you all about her origins etc.

  4. WOWSAS! She's beautiful. I'm cooking dinner and surfing. Lyndel, you must be chuffed.

    I think I have a couple of pottery/ceramic blogs/websites which may be able to help you. I'll fish them out and give you their addresses ... they may be able to help explain her history.

    Great find!

  5. oh thanks for your comments, glad to see MMMC hasn't disappeared completely♥ I thought of you immediately when I spotted her.
    Claire, that would be a perfect hairstyle for YOU.

  6. she is beautiful! Glad she has pride of place at your place now...

  7. She is rather sweet with those anime eyes. Glad you rescued her and it's always good when the husband approves. I'm sure mine has rolled his eyes at some of the stuff I've brought home!

    Nice to find you, my blog is all about Charity shopping (op shopping) too

  8. did not fancy the thumbnail ....but the entire plate takes on a new the gently rounded corners

  9. Oh she is very pretty indeed! What a lovely little find!