Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 9 of the Scarf Challenge

Oh dear, I have missed 2 days of scarves, and absolutely NO op shopping.  How did that happen? I will have to make up for it this afternoon I think.

yes, ANOTHER, Ken Done scarf, and yes, I do have more KD than any other in my box of scarves!  This is not a photo of me wearing it TODAY, but recently I drove down to Collingwood to visit The Social Studio, and as a tribute to Jackie and her good works I wore this 'Artists Studio' scarf.  If you are in Collingwood pop in for a coffee and a look around, or check out their Pop Up in Melbourne Central. 
The scarf by KD shows the view over Sydney Harbour from his Artists Studio, and is just so vibrant and 'alive'.  I love it.  And yes, as with 99% of my scarves, it was an Op Shop find.

1 comment:

  1. Finding a *gorgeous* silk scarf in an op shop? Priceless!
    The moment you spotted this beautiful scarf must have been wonderful... thank goodness people recycle clothing.