Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sometimes -- BROWN pottery is just a bit better than other BROWN pottery

Sometimes you walk around an Op Shop and think, oh dear, nothing for me today.

Well this was one such day, and we all walk past loads and loads of ''Brown Pottery" usually home / hobby made stuff, boring and dull and very  B-R-O-W-N

or sometimes, not real BROWN, but boring G-R-E-Y

I just happened to pick one piece up and Low and Behold there was a familiar signature on the base.

Gus McLaren worked in the 1950s and 1960s in Warrandyte in Victoria at The Potters Cottage

So, far from being boring, insignificant BROWN pottery these six ramekins and pot, and the four soup bowls will be looking for a new home with a collector of McLaren's works.

Not as exciting as some of his fantastic Bull and Horse figurines, but Mc Laren none the less.


  1. I gasped when I saw that bull!

    Sometimes brown pottery is the goods!

  2. oh yes, his Bulls and Horses are really spectacular. His wife, also a potter, still makes them from her Studio in NSW from his old molds. (they are signed differently to his originals).

  3. I loved going to Potter's Cottage.... the meals there were fab and then you got to go to the Potter's House and the shop. Aaaah, the memories.