Friday, February 4, 2011

February Scarf Challenge / Feb 4

Today's style calls for a LARGE scarf, and this Jim Thompson Thai Silk number is just the right size.  Unfortunately, I cannot see myself wearing one like that today (or any day). Back in the 1960s, Yes!  our friend Nicole over at Dabbling all Day certainly looks the part today!!

My beautiful scarf is by Jim Thompson, an American living in Thailand who is famous for his wonderful silk scarves, ties and accessories.  Found this, still folded, still in its original cello wrapper in an Op shop in Malvern.  Imagine, buying or receiving this as a gift and never even unwrapping it?  I love the colours and I love the flowers and I think pomegranate fruits.
So, another scarf from my collection, and another piece of good cheap simply cute shopping too.
Have YOU joined the Scarf Challenge yet?  Just ONE day will do, you do no have to do all 28 days of the month!


  1. Oh it's simply gorgeous! I'd wear it. I love a pretty scarf.

  2. I just love botanical illustrations, and the ones on this scarf are beautiful. Thanks for sharing :-)

  3. Ok I am going digging I love that scarf has motivated me now lol

  4. oh my you have such beautiful scarves!
    can't believe someone never opened it!!