Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February Scarf Challenge

For a bit of a laugh, Sophie over at Her Library Adventures has made a February Scarf Challenge.

I have agreed to join in and will try to post a pic every day of scarves from my Collection. Every scarf I now own comes from a Shopping Trip to either an Op shop, eBay or Market / Garage Sale.  I have dozens, but always my favourites are my Ken Done Scarves.  Particularly as I follow Jackie at What Ken be Done and her amazing 365 Day challenge to wear KD every day to raise money for a great cause .. The Social Studio in Collingwood, Vic.

So I shall start February on a 39 degree day with one of my favourite long narrow (as per Sophie's chart) Ken Done Hibiscuis Scarf.
I have never tried to take photos of myself before, and as GDaughter is back home and hubby does not know how to use my camera, this is my first attempt... all for you, Sophie!!

promise I'll get better at this!

So it is Day 1 Scarf, and a great find (from eBay earlier this year)..


  1. Well done Lyndel You know a month back there was a Ken Done scarf and silly me forgot to grab it?Of course its gone now.I also have dozens of scarves may have to give this venture a go.

  2. a very cute scarf!
    can't wait to see all of them over the month :D

  3. Lyndel, what a *good* way to start the challenge :-)
    And you look SUPER! Love your work...

  4. I also have a largish collection of scarves in a box, most of which I never wear but can't bear to throw out. I should check out this challenge - sounds like fun, but I'd probably forget to keep up after about a week! I'll be looking out for your scarves though).
    I don't have a Ken Done scarf, but did you see the KD apron I found at an opshop a while ago?