Saturday, February 5, 2011

February Scarf Challenge / Day 5... a blast from the past

When I saw the Day 5 design on the fabulous Retro Chart  I was reminded of a favourite photo from my Dad's slides, dated around 1962 or '63.

Back then I started up a Fan Club for the Sydney DJ Ward 'Pally' Austin.  This photo was taken at a Fan Club meeting in my parent's garden, I'm the tall girl on the right with her scarf oh so fashionably tied around her hair !!    --  great for a giggle today!
Sorry for the poor quality, but it does show that styles from the Retro Scarf Chart really were worn back then.


  1. Lyndel,
    how pretty are you! And look at your gorgeous skinny legs!

    I have no idea who Ward 'Pally' Austin is ... I'll have to look him up.

    How successful was the fan club?

  2. what happened to my post? I'm digging the stove pipes.

  3. wow this is amazing! very nice use of number 5 ha ha!

  4. How *lucky* we are to see this photo, Lyndel. Thanks for sharing! The scarf sets the outfit off for sure xo