Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Habby thanks to Hubby

Today my dear husband asked me to drive him over to get a haircut, so I thought.. oh I'll pop into a few Op shops while we are out.

I had some good finds on Sunday, so I was hoping I was 'on a roll', and I was.
A beautiful white damask tablecloth with blue edging, with an all over Scottish Thistle pattern was my first find, then a whole bag of embroidery threads, including nine new DMC Antique, Precious Metal and Jewel threads, a couple of rolls of narrow ribbon (.50c a roll), a crinoline lady crochet corner hankie, and a whole card of lovely coffee colour lace.  -  2 Malvern Op Shops, 2 Ashburton Op Shops, and a nice haul for me!

I also picked up a few more knitting patterns, and a small quantity of quite plain wool.
Finished off with a nice coffee and cake out with a very smart looking hubby!


  1. Good finds I notice its always either feast or famine at opshops.
    Been famine for me lately but I have constricted myself as well.(trying not to look so I save money ha ha) Making it up by going thru stuff I have bought and not unpacked yet.Makes it a little better.

  2. Well done. The lace is lovely :)

  3. OHhh Whoop de doo ... fabulous finds ... old haby is my want ;~)

  4. What a great addition to your stash! Somebody was obviously cleaning out theirs ;-)