Sunday, February 13, 2011

Rock-a-bye your baby ..... if you have one ... sometimes I amaze myself

Yes, sometimes I do things and think afterwards 'What was I thinking?'

I only went out for a short while today, saw a garage sale, stopped (of course), not much there to interest me, then I spotted a plastic shopping bag with something fabric peeking out.
Looked a bit grubby actually, pulled it out and it is a 1960 Baby Set,  Pillow Case, Bassinet cover, (or Pram set), and a large Netting cover.  -- all still in original wrapping, with swing tags. 

The brand is Rock-a-Bye, made in Gardenvale Road, Gardenvale Vic.  The price of the netting was $7.99 from Myer - no price on the bassinet set.
All are in a pale Coffee Colour with brown bows... yuck.

Now, I am an over-60s Granny, with NO babies in the family, I do not collect Dolls, and I don't even particularly like to see a baby in coffee coloured bedlinen, but... I somehow just had to buy it.  OK it was cheaper than the original price, and well ... ... ...

come on someone tell me I did the right thing!


  1. Of course you did the right thing! Sometimes you can't let things go unpurchased. They may have just ended up throwing it away, and that would be terrible.

    Is there someone you could give it to?

    Could you sell it on e-bay?

    On the right bassinette, in the right nursery, it could look quite cute!

  2. The ribbons could easily be taken off and a more babyish colour added. I'm sure you'll find some great use for it.

  3. I do exactly the same! I buy something, have no where possible to put it, but I just can't leave it there.

    I am sure you will find a great home for it or re-purpose it into something else?? Maybe if you removed the bows it wouldn't look so brown? I love the labels.

  4. I like it!! I wouldn't have been able to pass that up either.

  5. well thank you girls for your support.
    Yes, I am thinking eBay may be the way to go. Maybe a vintage doll collector, or a 'reborn'person or whatever these new, handmade dolls are called -- will find it retro/vintage enough to love. And, like ATP I do Love the labels. ~ thank you, and goodnight ♥

  6. Hi Lyndel, well of course you did right. You are rescuing something that might have ended up in the tip and that's not right. Change the bows and you'll have a completely different look. Or ebay.

  7. Haha, I do that all the time! And I wonder why I can't afford the rent...! But it is kind of sweet, I love the tags. Perhaps when your grand daughter gets a bit older and settles down, you might be able to put it to some use?!!

  8. Of course you did! I agree with A Treasured Past - I'm sure you'll find a lovely project to repurpose the fabric into something else.

  9. Hello Lyndel
    I have just found your little blog and I really like it. I live way over on the other side of Australia and love spending time in op-shops hunting for treasure too. If I could make a career out of op-shopping I probably would!
    Happy hunting, Kylie

  10. Dear L got your message I have been without the net and my diet is over I failed after 4 days lol see you are still finding great things tho.