Sunday, February 20, 2011

Flea Market Finds for the week

I did not do a lot of Op shopping this week, just one or 2,  but coming home from the North Melbourne Market I stopped off at 2 Sunday Op Shops.
Uniting in Victoria St.Richmond, and the Mission Shop on the Corner of Glenferrie Rd and Riversdale Rd, I considerably added to my 'stash'

a great scarf, a whole bunch of paper lace doilies, an old chocolate box full of vintage Coats UK supersheen threads, a bit of wool, some knitting patterns and Shiela Hancock's biography of John Thaw, which I have been hoping to read for some time.

Some of the paper doilies are still in their packets, can you believe the ORIGINAL COLES price was only 11c .. yes, eleven cents for a packet of eight 7½inch doilies?
Now I'm not sure why I bought them, or what I could even DO with them, but they were too pretty to leave behind, especially the gold one.

So that's my finds, if you love Flea Market Finds, pop over to Sophie's to check more out...
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  1. the gold doily! screaming greeting cards art!!
    the scarf looks pretty interesting too, is that underneath the other bits'n'bobs?

  2. Yes the scarf is actually lovely, I will wash it today, iron it and do a nice photo during the week. It is signed Maggy Rouff Paris.

  3. Those threads are such a great find! There is something so appealing about old threads, they are so much nice than modern ones! Your so lucky!

  4. That is my neck of the woods! Love the threads and the doilies. I've recently seen someone make a doily mobile (can't remember where). It was very sweet.

  5. oooh i spy some very nice wool, and those doilies look great! i've got a couple of packets of those paper ones too, mine have 50c on them though ha ha (might be an opshop price tag, not sure...)
    loving the gold doilies though!

  6. Gorgeous threads and yarn. I'd probably use the gold doilies at the playgroup I help run - maybe Christmas angels?