Sunday, February 20, 2011

The North Melbourne Market ~~ wow

Today I went to the North Melbourne Market, which according to Time Out Magazine is one of the top five quirky markets in Melbourne.
The stand holders mostly sell craft items, many made from vintage and recycled fabrics, there were some fantastic ideas there, really, the young people of today are just so full of great design thoughts! I have only just found this market and it was my first outing there.
It is held in the Lithuanian Club in Errol Street, cnr Raglan Street, (a great building with some lovely indoor features.. more about that later).  Dealers are spread over  3 areas, the entrance hall, the Ballroom and the upstairs area ..
there were reflective brooches and LED light brooches
lots of lovelies for the home and the children
beautiful things for baby

and cards and bookmarks and notebooks with old Sewing Pattern fashion plates!
and cakes (Vic was pleased with the cake I brought home for him), and crochet scarves, lampshades, candles,  cards and cushions... the list goes on!

Of great interest to me were some of the elaborate embroidered outfits and wall hangings that belong in the building, all traditional Lithuanian work, and the LIGHT FITTINGS.... OH, such lovely wood carved light fittings, I just had to take a few photos (which made people around me actually look up and see them too!)

So a lovely day out, a lot to see, and it's on every month,  March 27 and April 17 are the next two dates.


  1. Lyndel, thanks for this - must check out the April market.

  2. Oh, we lived in North for five years years ago. Love the Litho - Sunday lunches there were such fun! Had no idea about this market - thanks!

  3. That looks wonderful. That gorgeous pink dress! Much better than off the rack at some Department store.

    You're a busy woman out-and-about!

  4. You certainly get around, Lyndel! This market looks fabulous, but I am completely in the dark on that side of town, so it is one of many I am doomed to visit only on blogs, as I would never find the place on my own!