Thursday, February 24, 2011

February Scarf Challenge

Well I failed to keep up with posting a scarf, worn as per the Chart on Sophie's Feb. Scarf Challenge  but I do still have scarves to share, the latest one found last week during my Op shopping. It was a little grubby, so with a good careful wash and iron it has turned out splendid!
I just love the abstract look of the glass, the bottle, the candles, and it has a signature in the corner too, always a plus for me to know WHO designed the scarves I wear.
thank you Maggy Rouff - and for those that want to know more about her incredible life in Paris Fashion, read here.


  1. Great find did you google her I may have to now.

  2. hi Nelly, yes, click the words 'read here'.. that's part 1 there is also a part 2, very well researched and lots and lots of lovely photos. thank you mr.Google♥

  3. OHhhhh a gorgeous find ... a stunning piece to frame ... Oooo la la ;)