Thursday, February 3, 2011

February Scarf Challenge / Feb 3

following the week (and Sophie's Chart) along, we are up to day Three on the Challenge

Today it's a square scarf, folded into a strip. I choose this lovely hand screen printed silk number from my Box of Scarves. It is signed MS'07 and of course was an Op Shop find.

a couple of folds and it is ready to add to another of my better Op Shop Finds this year, a lovely Spencer & Rutherford Mademoiselle bag.   Can't wait to actually take this out somewhere soon !

So day 3 was easy.... and I get to showcase not one but TWO great Oppy finds! perfect.


  1. Love this scarf - very pretty!

    I'm moving to Melbourne this weekend and have been following your blog for a few weeks now to get an idea of where the good op shops are. Thanks for all your tips!

  2. Ooh! I like that scarf. Cute pastels and geometrics.

    I never know how to wear scarves, so I really never look at them, but I'm enjoying seeing yours.

    Tying them on a handbag is a cute idea!

  3. thanks MMMC
    Sarah.... I hope your move goes smoothly for you. Always happy to meet up for coffee and a few Op Shops anytime, contact me if you like after you settle.

  4. lovely scarves Lyndel, I especially love the one from yesterday. Oh, and thanks for the great jelly tip :) Tamara

  5. I shoulda joined this challenge have heaps of scarves but doubt Id be wearing them is wayyyyy tooo hott at the mo.

  6. Nelly, join in.. never to late! and you dont have to WEAR Them. It has been very hot in Melb. too this week, but you will see I skillfully (ha ha!), avoided wearing them.

  7. That is a beautiful scarf, thank you for sharing. Thank you for offering the tissue patterns too by the way - I have enough to keep me going for now, but I appreciate the offer =)

  8. Like the scarf but LOVE the handbag! A great find!