Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tuesday Treasures . .

Only went out to buy Bubble Wrap today, as I had a large pottery order to pack. Stopped off at one, then two, then three  Op Shops and came home with a new Oroton Scarf, a Canteen Bandanna .. for my friend Jackie .. a Women's Weekly Kids Party Book, #44 of NOTEBOOK, a silver glomesh evening bag and matching purse, an old tea cosy for my friend Di,  2 cute coat hangers, and eight Pyrex dishes.
four with Red design....
and 4 with a Blue design. . .
So some for other people, some for myself (the Oroton), and some for eBaying... what a nice haul, and Yes, I did remember the Bubble Wrap... and the milk !

Jackie has a large collection of CANTEEN bandannas, as the CANTEEN logo was designed by the design Guru Himself, Ken Done.

Good start to the month, and I 'll now have to find more this week so I can do a new post for Sophie's Flea Market Finds next Sunday.


  1. Great haul Lyndel.I havent been to a oppy for near a week.Was going to go today but ended up with migraine,

  2. What a good haul. Those pyrex dishes look great and I love the graphic on that silk scarf.

  3. Hi Lyndel great finds. We have a set of the little pyrex dishes, they are a great size for desserts and cereal for the kids. The bags are very pretty also. Tamara x

  4. They all look like great finds! That is why I love thrifting, as you can find treasure all the time. I love the Womans Weekly! When I go home to NZ I always read my Mums stock pile of them. Bx