Sunday, February 3, 2013

Retail Shopping .. .. .. shock horror

sometimes you just have to go to a shopping center and Buy what you want.  I hate that, I love finding just what I want / need at Op Shops, or Sunday markets, or Garage Sales.
However, I really wanted a small green or aqua teapot, so I got this cutie from House.
Then, I have moved an old computer/printer table out of the tiny study into a corner of the dining room, all it needed was a couple of baskets or boxes on the bottom shelf to keep crafty stuff in. Although I went looking for cane baskets, these fabric ones were too cute to leave behind in Target, especially as cane does tend to catch and snag yarn, and these had green and aqua spots [my two new favourite colours for the black and white kitchen].
I am now spending a lazy Sunday afternoon re-arranging some of my 'treasures'.
How's your Sunday?