Sunday, March 27, 2011

Successful Sunday

Well what a nice Sunday I have had. I got to the market early (way too early), I set up, I had too much stock for the small table I had hired, so I moved things around, squished them up a bit (I had waaaaay more room for things in my head)LOL ~~  I moved more things, and ended up using my plastic tub as a little table (not a good look, even with a little cloth on it)

I was surprised by what sold and what did not sell.  I will definitely be better prepared next time, but I had a great time, took a decent amount of money, and learned a lot.
 It has been years since I tried a market stall, and then I only sold china and bric a brac ~~  linens, laces, patterns and fabrics are all new to me.

Home in time to watch the F1 Grand Prix on TV (that was a bonus), and dear sweet hubby made me a pot of tea, which I really needed.

I'll be back there again next month, with my granddaughter as a helper too.

Been so busy I have not had time to do my Weekly finds on Sophie's blog, or read up on all the wonderful finds everyone else had.  That'll have to wait till Monday now.


  1. Wonderful Lyndel... I like the table setup - I love to poke around to find treasure.

  2. Glad to hear that you enjoyed yourself! I have never had a market stall but would love to one day. Perhaps Camberwell market would be a good one for you to try too? Lots of collectors and vintage lovers!

    Xx Claire

  3. Oh Claire I used to do Camberwell 25 or more years ago.. too old now for 5am starts, and the weather. For me i want comfort when selling these days, indoors, sensible hours, good coffee♥

  4. Sorry I missed it! Glad you were happy with result. I'll try and get there next time.:(