Saturday, March 19, 2011

lovely Memories . . . .

Many Many years ago, ok...30 years ago exactly, my darling husband and I started to collect Royal Doulton china.  It was, and still is, our passion.  However, in recent years we have not added a lot of items to the collection, which, like topsy kinda grew... and grew... and took over our home.
Along with out Inkwell Collection, which I sometimes write about on my other blog.

25years ago this week, I founded a club for Doulton Collectors here in Melbourne, and ran it successfully for some years, before handing over the whole thing to other enthusiastic collectors, and I am proud to say it has flourished and is still running monthly meetings to this day.

today, was the 25th Anniversary Lunch and Afternoon tea, and one of the members made this lovely Celebration Cake for us all to enjoy.  Isn't it a beauty !
Due to his ill health my husband doesn' t go out much these days, but would not miss such an important Anniversary.  The weather in Melbourne was just perfect, and we had the most wonderful day out.  Just what he needed.
Thank you to the Collectors Club for a great day, and thanks to Royal Doulton for producing  such wonderful items for over 150 years to keep us entertained ~


  1. Lyndel, that's such a nice post.

    Your collection of Royal Doulton is very impressive. The green porcelain in beautiful.

    I'm glad you husband was able to make it to the Celebration. I hope he was given two serves of that cake.

    I've love to know what your biggest Royal Doulton thrill is ... eg a special Op Shop find!

  2. oh many good finds (almost NEVER in Op Shops tho) I have many many cabinets of China all over the house!.
    That pic is some of the Australian named Scenes items from around 1900/1910. I was fortunate, about 20+years ago to purchase a set of 10 Scene Named plates all from Victoria. That was exciting. And the one that got away, and I found 10 years later in a tiny shop in Kyneton.
    so so many stories from 30 years of collecting!!

  3. Hi Lyndel, what a fantastic collection! The Australian scenes plates are really pretty. I love my RD Orchids dinner setting (that you had spied in an earlier post).

    What a lovely day out, so nice (as Mid Century said) that your sweet hubby could enjoy the day too.

    I sold a very unusual Mr Pickwick napkin ring for a pretty good price a few years back, he was lovely. Do you have any of the napkin rings?

    Tam x

  4. You could maybe should write a book maybe? Congrats on starting that group and knowing it still is running must make you proud.

  5. Beautiful! I'd love to see close-ups please.