Monday, March 14, 2011

still in need.....

of some tender loving care... but looking much better

Some of you may remember that back in January, I bought an old 'Boudouir Chair' with the intention of covering it in some lovely Laura Ashley fabric.
Well, I decided it wasn't something I really want to keep after all, so I took off the horrid red, biro marked covers, to discover that underneath was the original green velvet cover, but no base and no back.

So..... I found a small piece of green patterned upholstery fabric, added it to the back and base, and will offer my little chair on my stall at the North Melbourne Market in 2 weeks time.  I am sure any new owner will love it and cover it in whatever suits their decor.

Not quite the 'success' story I was planning to write about my little chair, but it is certainly an improvement on the horrid red nylon and biro it came to me with.


  1. I love the shade of green! Irene from Re-Vintaged as a wonder with these chairs!!

  2. I could do with a chair in my boudoir, but realistically it would end up covered in clothes... tis pretty, am sure someone will snap it up.

  3. I always think of these situations as a donation to charity.