Sunday, March 6, 2011

Flea Market Finds

Well what a lovely weekend it has turned out to be in Melbourne, just perfect weather.
I managed to hunt down quite a few new things for my eBaying this week, some I listed and sold the same day, so no pics here!

However I did score some really nice wool during the week, some great Jo Shaw knitting books and a little group of vintage postcards, mostly from Hungary, with lovely illustrations.

I 'll be popping over to Sophies next to see what everyone else found this week.  Her Flea Market Finds  is a treat to read all week, I pop back every evening to see who added more things. Such fun.

I am working really hard to get things sorted at home this week, as I plan to have a table at the next North Melbourne Market... .. more on that soon, suffice to say this is just part of the spare room at the moment, with many more boxes needing my careful attention before March 27th.  House is a mess, but I'm having fun!


  1. Good luck sorting things out for the market - perfect weather for it this weekend!

  2. You are having fun! I can tell just by reading your posts ... some of those post cards look cute ... there are some amzing things to be found.

    Can't wait to see what you choose for the market ... I could imagine that'd be exciting to have a stall ... but then I'd decide to keep it all and have to pack it all back in the car.

  3. Oh those postcards are ace!

  4. Love the cards! I plan to come to the next North Melbourne markets so I'll keep popping in here and hopefully will recognise you by your stall?!

  5. Gorgeous red and blue wool and the postcards look so pretty. x

  6. hi Claire, keep watching my Blog, I'll put further details up closer to the 27th.

  7. I'd love to have a stall somewhere, would just be the most fun. Let us know what you sell!
    Very pretty postcards too.

  8. Hi Lyndel....!

    THANKS so much for your note Lovey....I never knew that about glass....One of the ones I found WAS a soft lilac colour so I may have to stick some outside & watch the transformation....!

    I TOO want to know more about the North Melbourne Market so I can come & visit with you....We can DO coffee while you're run off your feet looking after Customers....Sound like a plan....??

    I've been buying up wool also....I'm taking lessons soon to crochet....I'm going to make granny square rugs.... :o) !!

    Hope you're having an AWESOME week....!

    Cheers for now,
    Tamarah :o)

  9. Hi Lyndel,

    Wool, vintage cards, just ace.

    Tell me more about the market, Tamarah & I could have that coffee together.

    Have a lovely day