Wednesday, March 23, 2011

some ''tinny'' finds . . .

Two days of long hospital out patient visits for my hubby meant time for me to drive around near the hospital checking out some Op shops (better than paying Hospital Parking Fees !!)

I did manage to find a lot of good things, funny how when you shop in a different suburb, you spy the things you never find close to home!  Here are just a few of them, I tried Sophie's style on a chair, but I just do not have the flair that girl has, sorry.  Nor did I get down level with the items to get a better photo.

I was lucky to find a lovely cross stitch supper cloth and 4 napkins, 2 silk scarves, a tiny shiny brooch, and some TINS.  I ♥ tins.  Here's a 1990s Minties  Sporting Moments Like These..... a Milady Toffee Tin from England, with illustration of cross stitch flowers and embroidered Crinoline Lady, and a sweet orange and black round tin with a bird on the lid, a bit scratched from years of wear, but cute~
there were also lots of knitting patterns, again, and some books about how to tie a scarf,  a Fenton Glass Slipper and more.

Most have been washed, priced and packed ready for the North Melbourne Market on Sunday.


  1. Great finds are you selling the tablecloth too?I have a few like that not sure whether to selll or keep tho.

  2. hi Nelly, yes they are only machine embroidered, and I'll have them on sale on sunday too... I'm keeping the pretty tins for APRIL. my gr.daughter will be in Melb then and we' ll do the Market together, she'll want to sell .. she loves selling .. so I'll leave her in charge of a table!

  3. I do have a thing for tins. I hope to make it to the market. Good luck.

  4. I do love a bit of convenient op-shopping, hehe! Good luck at the market!


  5. Lovely finds, Lyndel! I would LOVE to come to the market on Sunday, but it is still a bit early to leave my hubby on his own for so long. Maybe in the future; one of my friends loves markets, and I don't think she has been to Nth Melb. so I'll see if she wants to come over one Sunday.
    Lucky you to escape the Austin parking fees - what a rip-off they are. I can't do that; hubby likes me to stay with him the whole time for his med. appointments :-(