Sunday, March 13, 2011

not Flea Market, but Garage Sale finds this week . .

oh so 1980s.  I was on my way to the City on Saturday morning, and dropped in to a Garage Sale on the way.  Here I found the usual assortment of toys, odd mis-matched, scratched china and some UNFINISHED Knitting !

ALL in Mohair.  Now the blue and grey is lovely, there is a front, a back, and 1/2 of one sleeve completed, and the rest of the mohair to finish it off. (and the patternbook ! yay).
NO I will not be doing it but I'm sure one of my eBay friends will love it.
The brown and black I LOVE, but there is very little started on ONE sleeve, and only a small amount of mohair, so I may unpick that and knit up a nice scarf. 
Then there are a few balls of lovely grey and pink mohairs..   sure they will knit up into something lovely in winter too.  Although it is very hot in Melbourne this weekend, I even got sunburnt in the City, down by the Yarra, despite my 30+ sunscreen, I can't wait to start some Winter Knitting.

Coming home I popped into an Op Shop and what did I spy?
brand new, still in its gift box, for .50c???
Tag on the back says Proudly made in Australia by okt-ober dee,  don't worry Dee, I'll wear it and love it♥

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~~ see you there ~~


  1. very sweet little brooch. I googled
    okt ober dee and theres some beautiful things. what a lucky find!

  2. finding mohair... that's a treat... good luck with the untangling...?

  3. Oh fab 80s jumper! If only I'd known I could sell my half finished craft projects ;-)