Friday, March 25, 2011

[not so very..] Heavy Metal

Thursday Op Shopping was all about metal objects, firstly the Willow Flour sifter I showed yesterday, (which by the way cleaned up nicely), and also these items photographed above.

There is only one 'hand' made of blue wire, with a hook at the end,  and it is for keeping your gloves stretched after you wash them!, I have seen a pair before, in a Laundry Collection, but never found one myself, so here it is, guess I'll just have to wash my gloves One-At-A-Time.
The other 2 enamel items I need help with.... what do you call these things??
They are nice 'older' enamel, rather small,  one with a blue handle, and both with a few chips. I do love them but dont know what they are called.

Today is my Mum's birthday, although she doesn't know it, she has Altzheimers, so I am off now for a visit and taking her flowers & chocolate.  Hope when I come home to have an answer to my question, please...........


  1. I know them as milk pots. But that may not be their correct name. Hope your visit was ok. I have someone close to me suffering from Alzheimers too - it can be so difficult. I might see you in 'North'.

  2. Lyndel, that glove hanger is a treat! What a great find. I love gloves, but they don't seem to work so well in Sydney... congratulations, you've now made me want to pull mine out and try on with some outfits! xo

  3. Love the glove holder and the pots arent for pouring oil when basting roasts are they?
    Sad to hear about your mum its an awful thing wish they could find a cure.

  4. I think the pots may be for melting butter.

  5. ok ! THANKS for all your comments, so they are tiny milk pots, butter melters, handy basting pots, sounds good to me! Guess they are just handy little pots to melt / warm something in.
    I do love the look of them.

  6. Hi Lyndel, wow...the glove stretcher is an amazing it!!! We always used our little pots for warming milk too.

    Hope your mum was able to enjoy her birthday, if only for a moment.

    Tam x

  7. I know them as little milk or butter pots. The glove stretcher is a gem!

    Hope your Mum enjoyed her birthday with you <3

    Have an awesome time at the market!!

  8. I guess they are for coffee, re heating up just a tiny bit.Turkish coffee?
    I also hope your mum had a lovely day.

  9. I love little enamel pots. I think the're butter melters.

    Are you seeing Zigsma at the markets? Can you tell me what she looks like? She tells me she looks like Heidi Klum. Can you confirm?

  10. @MMMC... what happens at the market, stays at the market!! LOL.
    I do hope I get to meet zigsma and others from my blogging friends!
    I'll make a full report on Sunday night.... or Monday more likely, have to rush home from Market to watch the Grand Prix.♥