Thursday, March 10, 2011

Getting ready for the Market... II ... North Melbourne Market

As I've already mentioned, I'm off to Market... to Market....
I found out about this wonderful little indoor market last month, went along (see my Blog), and had a lovely morning.  I don't live anywhere near North Melbourne,  but thought a little day trip would be nice (ha ha living East of the City means anything past Bourke Street in Melbourne is ''over there'')
The girls that run this market are from The Thread Den in Brunswick Street, a really sweet shop full of surprises.

I'll just be having one table in the 'Ballroom' Area on March 27th, I'll probably be the oldest person there, but I am sure I will have fun.  Many years ago I traded at Camberwell, and at various Antique Malls around Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula, and I do miss that 'market buzz'. In those days I only sold Fine China and bric a brac, now I do eBay.   eBaying is fun, but it is very solitary, so for now I'm like a kid with a new toy .. lots of new toys ....
I am even enjoying washing and ironing my new stock.
I would love any of you who have messaged me, and anyone else reading this to drop by and say Hello.
I am sure I will post more blogs here about it before the 27th.


  1. I enjoy my market days too. R keeps saying
    'oh, give it up, it's too much for you', but actually, its what keeps me going, I really like the interaction with other people.

  2. Hi Lyndel, sounds like a great day. Pity we are so far away.

    I told Carl about the last message, he said he should start cracking down on me for the clutter..hehe. I said "look! I have put away 5 brushes and a mirror" and now he is o.k. again. I will post a few shots from his side of the bed soon, as I have just finished sorting it out, then you will see he has a lot of stuff too.

    Hope you are enjoying your weekend, Tam