Tuesday, March 22, 2011

-- a vintage Wedding Photo

Nelly over at My Friends Call me Nelly showed us a Wedding Photo yesterday, which reminded me of one in my family album, so I pulled it out this evening.
This is the wedding of my Grandmother's sister Violet Victoria, in November, 1923 in Sydney. My Grandmother, Elsie May, was her Maid of Honour. Don't you just love the hat she wore? and I have to tell you the shoes worn by both Violet and Elsie were just to die for gorgeous. White kid with a cross-over lattice pattern on the fronts and lovely heels.

I just love old photos.♥


  1. Looks like same era.I will have to check the year on mine.I will share some wedding pics of the grandparents later.Wouldnt it be great to have been handed down their outfits?
    Love the name Violet.
    My Nanna was Doris Eileen Pearl 1st name wasnt as pretty as the last.

  2. What a gorgeous photo :)I especially love the veil - it looks so pretty and soft.