Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Out and About on a Tuesday

First day open for a few OpShops in my area, so I dropped in at Ashburton to the Community Services OpShop on the corner of High Street, near the railway.  They'd had a huge tidy up over the holidays, lots of fresh new stock out, and I scored this lovely little pottery Cat, a rose brooch made from a necktie, another brooch made from a large button and a kilt pin, a piece of what at first glance was vintage fabric, but its a Retro Style made in 2004. Ladies Ironing how lovely!!! And.... a TeaTowel with a dog made into a cushion, but strange large size, more like a PillowCase.  Don't know yet what I' ll do with that.
So, a trip to the PO and Bank to pay all the bills that came in Christmas Eve (Gas, Electricity and Phone all on one day!!), at least ended with a smile on my face.

So, that was Tuesday, what will Wednesday bring?  May head out Mt Waverley / Glen Waverley way.. .. depends on what else I have to do.


  1. Hey Miss Lyndel! Love your new blog. Am putting into my 'inspiration' list on the front page of my blog. Me xxx

  2. Wow, love the ironing-lady fabric! So sweet! I'd make it into some curtains for my laundry :)

    Loving the new blog :) Thankyou for your kind comments on mine!

    x Claire