Saturday, January 15, 2011

Fun Friday

Although I live in Melbourne's east, I travel over to North Fitzroy every 6 weeks or so to have my hair cut.  Long story, I started with this hairdresser when we were both in Bourke St in the City, as he moved, first to Brunswick St and later to St Georges Rd, I followed.... nearly 30 years now at the same hairdresser, I'm too old to change.

So.. after getting my hair done I thought I'd pop up to see Miss Pen Pen, and her wonderful shop in Gertrude Street, ... what a delightful shop  -- and how lovely that she's made a heap of Qld Souvenir TeaTowels into cushions to sell for the Flood Relief.

On my way I popped into another favourite shop in Brunswick Street, Clara Fox Vintage and Retro.  Now, I must make it clear I never wear Retro clothes, but scarves, jewellery and handbags I do,  and I could not resist a couple of new scarves, and a brooch.
Clara has just got a whole new consignment of scarves.... so so so many to choose from.
alas!  I had to narrow it down to just 3 -- the lilac one is silk, screen printed with NZ ferns, still had a little card attached stating this, and dated 1980 Auckland Museum Shop.  Cute!   The other 2 I had to have for the colours.

Was about to pay and leave, but checked out her little jewellery cabinet, and fell in love with this silver and amber brooch... so a great day for me!
Clara Fox is at 479 Brunswick St, Fitzroy North, just north of Alexander Avenue, and well worth a trip if you are out that way.

This weekend my delightful granddaughter (LJ) arrives from Sydney for 2 weeks holiday, so we will be doing lots of shopping (she's a good Op Shopper), and lots of fun things.


  1. L, I hope you have a wonderful time with your grandaughter.

    I wonder if you'll show us what you do/how you wear those scarves!

    Can't wait to see more shopping adventures!

  2. Oh wow, I love that brooch! I would have snaffled it up too :) I will definitely have to check out that shop-what a good idea those cushions are!

    xx Claire

  3. Hey Lyndel,

    I see you are a keen op shopper like my frined Cherie.

    I have a blue glass inkwell that is tiny and cute and a bit chipped, but needs needs a home.
    Send me your ebay shop listing. and I will send you my inkwell when I dig it out from under the mountain of crap I am trying to get rid of.

  4. Nice to hear that the new generation is learning op shop skills! Hope you both have a grand time!

  5. the one with the ferns! i love shadow work, reminds me of photograms.

  6. i too love those colours, all shades of blue & green, those scarves are gorgeous! have fun with youre granddaughter. im sure you'll spoil each other : )

  7. Such pretty scarves! have a lovely op-shopping outing or two with your granddaughter too

  8. Oh, look at those pretty scarves. I kept my eyes open for some this past weekend, but do you know I didn't see a one? Lol. Your new ones are lovely!

  9. Very nice! and lucky you opshopping grand daughter!! heaven!