Wednesday, January 5, 2011

THE List

I read on another of my favourite blogs that, tinniegirl has thrown down the wonderful and a slightly scary challenge of creating a to do list for 2011.
I thought, why not? I've managed to reach this ripe old age without one, but why not do something different.

  • make lists  (we can tick that one already!)
  • make more use of notebooks, and the prettier the better
  • declutter/downsize my 'stuff' in preparation for a move
  • visit more local Markets
  • find more 'me' time
  • do a course or lessons to learn something new
  • blog regularly  (being a relative new-comer this will be easy for now)
well that will do for a start
may have to review and rewrite in July.

No op shopping today, stopped off at one in Mt.Waverley but they were Closed, and we were on our way to the movies to see THE KINGS SPEECH... great film sure gets 5* from me.

1 comment:

  1. Pretty notebooks sounds like a great plan. I love notebooks. I also like the sound of visiting markets and doing courses. I'm planning on both those things this year too.

    Happy New Year. Hope all your dreams come to fruition.