Wednesday, January 19, 2011

foray into Frankston, Vic.

When I first moved to Victoria some 30 years ago we lived in Frankston, but they never had any fun things like Sand Sculpting then.

Today we took a family trip down the bay to see the 2010-2011 Sand Sculpting Australia presentation of CREEPY CRAWLIES in sand.  Unfortunately, recent heavy rains and winds had destroyed some of the installations, a few were being re-modelled and repaired as best as possible.  The whole thing is on display until 26th April.. .. so still lots of time to get them re-done.  Until they are completed entry fee has been reduced to just $5..
Each year there is a different Theme to the display and this year's  ''Creepy Crawlies" really was a good one, with spiders, cockroaches, fleas, bees, all looking wonderful in sand.

This was one entitled "A Closer Look" and was a giant magnifying glass showing all the bugs,
but it really looked like a Tim Burton horror story!!

After a good look around, lunch and a walk on the Frankston Pier, we made a quick stop off at 2 Op Shops, the RSPCA and the Savers, but as LJ and I had to be mindful that Grandad was waiting in the car for us, we didn't stay for as long as we would have liked to !  Savers in Frankston is on TWO levels.  I did find a few good buys in the RSPCA tho!


  1. Love this pic! The detail is amazing!! Love Savers :) Used to work in the Dandenong store.

  2. Some people have some great talent Now where is mine? lol and thanks so much for leaving a comment I was feeling like Nelly no Comments (Nigel no friend)But have had 2 comments in one day yay at last.

  3. Hi Lyndel, Thank you for your sympathetic comments on my blog relating to my husband's time at the Austin. Does your hubby have a heart condition too? We might have passed each other in the cardiology ward at some time!