Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy Australia Day

Capt.Arthur Phillip arriving at Botany Bay, 26 Jan 1788
To all my new found Blog friends, Australia Wide I wish you all a very happy Australia Day.
Melbourne has started out with cool weather, rain overnight, but I have seen on the TV news that many of you are headed for heatwaves, take care out there.. .. remember slip, slop, slap!


  1. Hi Lyndel, What a gorgeous plate! Wishing you a wonderful day also :) Tamara

  2. sowwy, Nikki..... All my Australian friends WORLD WIDE of course sweetie xx♥

  3. I LOVE that plate, Lyndel - if you tell me you found it in an opshop, I'll slash my wrists!!!
    Hope you had a lovely Ausssie Day - we did ;-)
    BTW, I did receive your email about your GD's blog, and I did have a quick look, but I wasn't signed in, so I didn't leave a comment. But I'll go back soon.

  4. Hello Lyndel....!!

    I hope you're well Lovey & enjoyed yourself a FABULOUS Australia Day.... :o) !

    THANK YOU so much for your comment & words of encouragement....hahahahaha....I think we're ALL a bit 'tatty' round the edges my Friend....All jokes aside....I really WILL miss passing by that LOVELY building....It 'spoke to me' & I was always CURIOUS as to it's history....I so WISH we'd been working in the area at the same time & KNEW each other....It would have been WONDERFUL to meet up for lunch & talk about all things VINTAGE.... ** sigh ** ....I'm SURE they'll be OTHER opportunities for us to meet up though....Don't you worry about that....!!

    Have a WONDERFUL weekend & if you're out & about, I hope you find HEAPS of treasures....!

    Cheers for now,
    Tamarah :o)