Saturday, January 22, 2011

Greensborough Saturday

Have not been to Greensborough Op shopping for at least 5 or 6 years.  I used to do some part time work in G'borough,  and would slip into Savers and the Brotherhood every lunchtime.
As my Grand daughter was so impressed with Savers in Frankston, we decided Sat.morning would be SAVERS day.  Off we went and we, well she, was not disappointed.  3 more tiny frames for her Cross Stitch project  as well as some other crafty bits and pieces and  a lovely Japanese jewellery/music box
I found a few pattern books, a Notebook magazine, and some amazing Retro orange and white drinks coasters. 

We then had some lunch, visited the local Sewing Center to buy new needlework scissors and a needle threader.  All in all a very successful morning.  check her blog later today, or tomorrow for the results of her next bit of cross stitching!  -- she got home and got straight into it, while I had a cup of tea and watched the tennis.


  1. Loving the jewellery box is it for you or GD?Love GDs blog tell her I am following and tell her to take a look at the crosstich I am doing on my other blog.Link is at the vintage one.
    Thanks about the Notebook but you may change your mind and want to keep it and thats ok lol
    Oh and I subscribed at peppermint website do they sell them in newsagents? Otherwise I may have to buy mine online

  2. So busy with your grandaughter!

    She must love visiting you, Lyndel!

  3. yes, mmmC, we have great School Hols.

    Janelle.. music jewel box is for GD, she always goes home with a suitcase full of things.
    Notebook is def.yours if you need that number, I try to never keep magazines!
    my copy of peppermint I bought at a fair along the banks of the Yarra recently, not sure if they sell in Newsagents or not.
    GD is very keen to have more 'followers' on her blogs, she checks 2 or 3 times daily to see how many more page views she has!
    especially on her ♥ one.

  4. What is GD's blog name Lyndel? and I'm loving the coasters!

  5. I would love a day out at the thrifts with my granddaughter...lucky you