Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tuesday blues . . . in the nicest way !

NO, I am not blue or sad, in fact I am happy, happy, happy.  Today I stopped off at the local op shop to actually make a donation!! yes, I do occasionally have a clear out of the spare room!
I found not ONE but TWO wonderful blue fabric finds.
First up a pair of short curtains, hand made with just rings attached at top, no pleats, gathering or anything, in this amazing pattern called  ~~  ACANTHUS
I just love the colours and the pattern, don't you?  I hung them on the line to photograph them just for you all to see

I also found an amazing piece of flocked nylon, over 7½meters of it, in white with lovely little flock-velvet blue roses.
I wrote about it over on the I op therefore I am blog  pop over to see how amazing it looked on the washing line too!

So I left the house intent on clearing just ONE shopping bag of unwanteds from here and came home with ONE shopping bag of fabric.  I think I did well ! 
oh, and I donated a bunch of my duplicates knitting needles and managed to buy a pair for a dollar in a size I didn't have any of!

Decluttering by buying stuff..... I LIKE IT !!!♥


  1. Lovely fabric Lyndel, I love blue!

    Apparently the new phrase is destash, don't you love it.

    Thanks for the Birthday wishes for India, she had a wonderful day, Tam x

  2. That acanthus fabric is lovely - do you have plans for it?

    And as long as the status quo is maintained that's ok, right? You didn't bring in anything extra - so it doesn't count!

  3. I wouldn't mind getting a case of the Tuesday blues if it meant finding lovely pieces of fabric like these!

  4. Oh that acanthus fabric is gorgeous Lyndel - great find.
    Pop over to my blog for Easterns suburbs crafty night get together - very local for you! Hope we see you there.

  5. oh my goodness Lyndel we are kindred spirits!
    I have to admit to doing that on many occasions.
    I'm loving the new fabric it's lovely - are you going to hang them or do they have another life ahead of them?? cheers Wendy

  6. Lyndel, the acanthus fabric seems in fantastic condition. The colours are so vibrant. This is a mighty find.