Saturday, May 14, 2011

I have been given a Liebster Blog award.. thank you♥

The very lovely Claire has awarded me this..

I thank her so much, that was so nice.  Now I have to pass it on apparently.

My favourite blogs?  well I have so many but I get the most inspiration from....

young 'Grannies' like Nelly
crafty young crafters like Nicole
young business women like Tamarah
those that care for our community, and do a great job fundraising ~ the adorable Jackie
and young Mums like Alison
and of course Sophie for keeping me in touch with dozens of like minded Op Shoppers every Sunday!

just to name a few!.. please do not think that I don't like your blog because your name is not on the list.... I love them all... I only follow blogs that I ♥ ..  thank you to all the bloggers out there in Blog Land, you keep me busy reading every day
[except days like yesterday when we had NO BLOGS!!]

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