Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Rain, Hail, Ice..... and it is only May!!

Oh today has been way too cold for a May day, surely?
I am in suburban Melbourne and we have had rain and hail showers all day, even the rain falls thick as slushies, not quite ice but definitely NOT just water.  brrrr.
This was my driveway 10 minutes ago, and I dare not step on the front steps, so icy, so slippery
I did have to go to the post office this morning, managed that between two downpours of rain. I so so wanted to go over to join the Northern Crafters tonight, but it would be madness to go out in this weather..   When did Autumn turn into winter in a day???  or am I just getting old and soft?
back to my knitting....................


  1. nothing but blue skies here...I have never been so cold as when I lived in Melbourne!

  2. Hasn't it been icy?! And I just noticed that it went so dark all of a sudden! Ohhh, I have belly dancing tonight but I could SO skip it! i don't want to have to drive in this weather :(

    I gave you an award! Pop over to my blog and have a look :)

    xx Claire

  3. Well you do live in the lovely southern city of Melbourne!? Does look chilly.

  4. Hey, I'm outer east too... The Patch. did we go through this already? And thanks for the vote... as in London - V&A. It's been my one fixed destination. The costume room. The tapestries. Hmmm??? Lovely!
    You find some cool stuff at YOUR op shops. Obviously not local to me!

  5. Freezing here too. all day. not ice though. Hope it warms up for the weekend! so you can venture out again for supplied ;)

  6. sorry that was meant to be 'for supplies'!!