Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to you all
This was made by me, for Mothers Day in about 1954 . Mum always had it on her dressing table.  She's in a nursing home now, with Alzheimer's, hardly ever recognizes me when I visit, but she's still my Mum.
I cut the roses (with Dad's help) off a birthday card, the piece of paper was torn from one of Dad's accounting books.  Mum framed it straight away, and as I grew up I was embarrassed by the poor choice of paper, with red lines down the side.

Fortunately, she lives close and I can pop in and see her frequently. I'll go around later today, after lunch is usually a good time for her.

No other family around me today, Son, Daughter-in-Law and Grand daughter all phoned this morning from Sydney.

Yesterday I made a yummy Lamb Casserole for tonight, so no cooking today.  yay!  Vic and I will enjoy that and a movie on the TV.   Life is Good !


  1. Oh Lyndel, that card is just too sweet...there is something so heartfelt and nostalgic about the word Mummy. What a very special must evoke all kinds of memories from when you were little. I can imagine little Lyndel carefully cutting out those roses and how proud you must have been when you gave it to your Mum. She obviously treasured it. And it is treasure...real treasure.
    I'm off to visit my Mum soon, just waiting for a cake to cool down. Have a nice day and thanks for sharing something so special x

  2. Have a lovely night. You're awesome. x e

  3. I would treasure it too, if one of my boys made it for me. It's so lovely that she framed it immediately - I know it wouldn't matter to me what paper it was on either.

    Happy Mother's Day to both you and your mum - we've already had our Mother's Day here in the UK as we still celebrate the old Mothering Sunday in Lent.


  4. Oh Lyndel that card is just so special! I will certainly be keeping all the handmade cards my kids make for me & i will always remember this card you shared with us that your mum has treasured for many years.
    Thankyou for all the lovely comments you leave over at my blog - i love reading them & they always make my day! You're a very sweet person.
    Malea x