Monday, May 23, 2011

Hardanger Embroidery

On my Flea Market Finds post this week I mentioned a Hardanger Embroidery book and someone asked what that was.   The name comes from the region in Norway where this form of counted thread embroidery originated. This delicate type of openwork (and drawn thread work) can be created with only a few basic stitches, and lots of patience!
I do not do any embroidery now, and I must state that I have NEVER attempted Hardanger, but I do love to read craft books and I sell a lot of craft books on eBay, along with lots of other crafty bits.

This recent purchase, a book by Sigrid Bright, published in the USA IN 1978 is a really good  'how to' book, with very clear concise instructions and close up photographs. So before I send it to a new home I thought I'd share a few photos with you, and I hope that answers your question Kylie.


  1. Some really nice examples of hardanger there. Looks like a good book!

  2. Amazing embroidery. Thanks for sharing. Tam x

  3. Thanks for the info is certainly beautiful but it would take more than a few how to books for this embroidery hack to tackle anything that requires lots of patience and skill... I know you say it requires only basic stitches but how basic are you talking?
    My aim is to have chain stitch conquered by the end of the week!!! That basic???

  4. Lyndel - Judy passed on details of a wool sale to me that she thought might interest you - drop me an email so I can forward it to you when you get a chance.