Sunday, May 15, 2011

Saturday finds for the Washer Woman!

Found a garage sale quite by accident late on Saturday.  Wandered around, not much left, may have been an OK sale too. Sad.
Spied an old suitcase over in one corner of the garage, went to take a peek,..... no, not old or cute enough to add to my pile of Storage Cases, guy running the sale said 'Oh that's just a lot of Mum's old clothes to go to the Op Shop'
errr..hello... can I take a peek please?  Sure!  Well from first glance lots of clothes but nothing of 'quality' summer dresses from OSTI, cardigans from David Keys. No great labels but I said OK How Much.. ! well I was very pleasantly surprised and brought the lot home.

Sorted them in the Garage at home... mostly very dirty, many torn, worn, useless .. but I did get Two Washing Baskets of mainly polyester dresses and blouses, and cardigans.  It was a very wet day yesterday but I did wash One lot, and don't they look lovely drying in the back room?
yes the orange and brown shirt at the front is GREAT, also a pretty floral blouse with a tie at the neckline
a cute green geometrical
and who could resist a blouse that said DEAR DIARY all over it???
well I'm hoping they will help fill in some stock for me (maybe in the warmer months ahead) at the North Melbourne Market,  when I go back.  I don't have a stall in May or June yet, but I will be there in July!

Today I will tackle washing some of the woollens, a lovely Mohair Cardigan, and who knows once they are washed, pressed and hung nicely maybe I'll love them even more.

I'll be posting over on Sophie's Flea Market Finds again this week, my weekly fix of enjoying all that other readers find!

and yes... I have been working on my knitting, will update you later!


  1. just about to hop off the computer when up you popped...those blouses are gorgeous Lyndel and they do look pretty hanging in a row. I love looking at the stuff I've bought from op-shops washed and hanging on the line. And even though I hate ironing there's something strangely satisfying about ironing a pile of freshly washed op-shopped clothes/linen/tea towels.

  2. Ah, Osti is the new vintage! I usually chop the hems off, and sometimes the sleeves and the young girls love them. Sometimes, the uglier dress, sell quicker. If I was to put one on I would look a total dag, but the young girlies look gorgeous in them. Great find.

  3. ooh the green and black swirly one does it for me-very snazzy!

  4. Oh, is Osti a brand of dress?

    Great finds Lyndel. Someone's going to love going through that rack and picking things out.

    Though they remind me of my Grandma, and that gets me all teary.

  5. Well done Lyndel - I think that suitcase must have been calling you.

  6. Well done Lyndel people still dont get what they throw out lucky for us but dreadful to think what they have chucked tho.

  7. The patterns and images on this kind of clothing is so great isn't it? Good on you for getting on with the job of washing and sorting straight away - I always procrastinate about that stuff!

  8. Great find Lyndel, I am sure that will be a hit at your market stall. Have a great week, Tam x

  9. Great find. They are popular styles now so go for it!

  10. cheers for your love of the lava vase / flowerpot. i will post it in its full glory one day, but first i need to make that picture though... and think about some contents to, to show off a bit; ahem...

  11. That dear diary print is indeed fantastic, lots of pretty colours to draw people in! Hope you do really well at the show-good luck with the planning!

  12. what an awesome stack of clothes!