Tuesday, May 10, 2011

buying retail ... oh!

I very rarely shop retail.  Sure, electricals, some clothing, underwear, food of course!, but generally if I need something I can find it in an Op Shop.
Like this cute Knitting pattern Book from the 1950s, and the tortoise shell knitting needles, but I did need some wool, and although there are lots of bits of wool at the oppies, I needed something special, as a dear friend has requested this bolero.  Original pattern was in Patons Fuzzy Wuzzy, an angora, but my friend wanted something less 'fluffy', and Patons have not sold Fuzzy Wuzzy for decades!

So off to a real wool shop, to find some nice 4 ply wool,.. it is not black, it is a very dark steel grey, quite lovely, 100% wool and very soft.  I have been putting off starting this for 3 or 4 weeks now, so after lunch I went out, bought the wool, and sat in the sunshine (it is very cold in Melbourne today, but the sun thru my window is perfect).  I managed 20 rows in an hour, so I am pretty pleased with myself. Knitting in 4 ply is slower than I remembered.

I thought if I don't photograph this and put it on my blog I will never finish it, but if I 'blog' it I will be shamed into showing my 'progress' ..   so here's DAY 1

I had to stop to start preparing our evening meal, and check my eBay sales, but I will definitely do more after dinner.


  1. A blog is a good way to keep 'on task'. Good idea, L. The bolero's looking good so far! What a beautiful pattern to work from.

  2. A bolero would be gorgeous in this colour. Looking forward to seeing the progress and the finish item. Tam x

  3. Darling Lyndel thankyou so much for my lovely parcel that was so lovely of you.I am thinking of an outfit for miss 4.5.
    I am also knitting maybe we will have to keep checking in on each other?I have been lucky with the wool tho opshops and stash will keep me going forever

  4. What a divine bolero that'll be! The pattern photograph is gorgeous. Can't wait to see the finished product!

    Xx Claire

  5. So maybe it's the 4 ply trap that I've fallen into.

  6. my grandma made me one of these from fuzzy wuzzy, when i was a wee thing.