Thursday, July 28, 2011

a while ago I join up with others over at Faith Hope and Charity shopping  to do a Swap. Well, it's almost past the time I should have sent my parcel off, but it is only 1/2 done (or 1/2 NOT done, it that's the way you look at life !).

Today the lovely Carole from Serendipity, Raindrops and Roses  sent me this parcel  - I opened it to the smell of Roses (gorgeous potpourri)
so many lovely parcels to unwrap.... there was a sweet vintage Tea Cosy, some Honey Soap, truffles in a cute 'handbag' box, Melting Roses for my bathtub, and a wonderful... I mean wonderful vintage silver and brownstone brooch.(Divine ♥)

I just cannot wait to wear this, tomorrow!!!
Carole is great at sewing and makes all sorts of things, but these little Cup Bags really are the best ! drawstring top, pop your cup in, pop your sugar/teabag / teaspoon in the side pockets and you are ready to go to any meeting, hobby night, market day... fantastic.

and I just love the Bathing Beauties fabric too.. One of them could be me!  but I'm not telling which one!
Now as if that all wasn't enough, at the bottom of the box was the largest parcel....A SETTLER BEAR, her name is Jeanette, and she's all decked out in her best vintage gear!  Isn't she lovely.

so Thank you Carole, you have made my day, and thanks too to Lakota for organizing this Swap.  Promise my COMPLETE parcel will be in the mail next week♥


  1. Oh lucky you! Fabulous stuff. Love Helen of Troy, btw!

  2. Oh how wonderful me and my swappy got our gifts too and we were both thrilled to bits.
    Your teddy is ever so cute too xxx

  3. Are you the pineapple-bum lady? Just kidding! Always so lovely to receive a parcel of treats!

  4. Gorgeous pressies Lyndel. I love that tea cosy and that tea cup bag is genius (I've never seen one before)...even though I haven't met you I can just see you wearing that lovely brooch. Carole put together a lovely parcel for you x

    p.s. are you the one with the (rather large "melons"?

  5. ooohhh what beautiful gifts, i love your new tea cosy how sweet is that ;-)) and the little bear is adorable to. enjoy your lovely things, dee x

  6. Gorgeous soft colours on that tea cosy. Lovely!

  7. Thanks for linking up - I'm glad you did, not sure how I missed this post originally. Lovely gifts, the teacup bag is such a novel idea x