Friday, July 15, 2011

NZ vs AUSTRALIA -- the Pavlova War? - no just a very lovely present ♥

A WAR? oh No !!

Today this lovely present arrived in the mail for me, Handpainted wrapping paper, yummy ribbon, crochet trimming and all 

And what was inside ??
Yes, a Teatowel from the lovely  Bridget, in New Zealand.
together with some yummy Nescafe flavoured coffees,  and a sweet note.
Bridget wrote that her husband pointed out that there is a bit of controversy over the Pavlova between Aust and NZ... whoops !! but she thought it was a cool design, and so do I.  I just LOVE it.

I mean who could not love ladies like these♥
Thanks Bridget, it is fantastic, and we 'll just stick to arguing over the Rugby and Cricket and leave the poor ol' Pav alone.  OK?


  1. Great tea towel - love the colours!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. what a beautifully wrapped and fab t towel Lyndel, lucky you x

  3. Great tea towel, would make a fab cushion. Tam x

  4. I absolutely love this tea towel! you have a surely secured a good friend there. I bought a similar one when I was in NZ last and presented it to a good friend of mine on our return. She loves it and has it proudly displayed in her kitchen.

  5. MMMM a Pav its been ages since I had any.

  6. I'm not one for tea towels but I really like that one, and look how much effort she's put into the wrapping, what a lovely gift.

  7. Poor old Pav, it gets such a whalloping in the battle of ownership. Why don't people just eat more yummy pavlova and send each other such incredible tea towels!!! xo

  8. That is a lovely teatowel Lyndel. I feel a craving for pav coming on now lol. Have a great weekend.:)

  9. There is a lot of controversy over pavlova! As an Aussie living in NZ I keep my mouth shut!

  10. What a lucky lady you are, a very sweet gift. Don't you just goodies arriving in the mail. The teatowel is wonderful, I just love it's retro image.

    p.s. We also popped into Tyabb today, (how funny) for a jaw dropping look around the shed. Unfortunately for me, the girls were a bit too tired and grizzly, so didn't get to stay long. They perked up though when we mentioned afternoon tea.

    I amazingly bumped into another blogger Jo from Old Flowers 4 Me.