Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Mantle .. but not on a Monday

Moving right along the mantlepiece, (I have mentioned it is very long), we have a small green ashtray from the 1924 Wembley Exhibition in London, with the exhibition logo of a Lion in each corner.  Next a very tall jug, decorated with dogs all around,  dates from 1880s and the artist was Miss Hanah Barlow.  Next is a very funny chap, a drowning sailor, with his wet head thru a life ring, with the words SAVED on it.  Made in about the 1920s.
Finally a stoneware London River Thames advertising barge boat, from about 1900/1910.

All are made by Doulton at Lambeth in London and form part of Vic's Doulton Stoneware collection.

I'm joining up with Estelle at Fortune Favours... where she shows some of her collectables on the Mantlepiece every Monday (I'm just a slow starter).

I also managed to cook a wonderfully yummy Bread and Butter Marmalade Pudding this week.
almost overcooked it, but Vic thought it was wonderful♥


  1. The dog jug looks very interesting, thanks for sharing! and Yum! Your bread and butter pudding looks delish. My mum makes that best in the world served hot with vanilla icecream, but I bet yours would give it a run for the money.

  2. Lovely mantle and pudding too...I loooove Bread and Butter pudding Lyndel (especially with marmalade) unfortunately no-one else in this house does so I rarely make it otherwise I would scoff the whole lot!

  3. the pudding looks fabulous, you must have a wonderful treasure trove of collectables in your house.xx.

  4. The pudding look yummy. Loving the collectables I wish I had a mantle!

  5. Your mantle is very interesting thanks for the peek,the pudding looks so yummy,I have not hard of the marmalade one though,looks like I will hve to try that.

  6. Loved reading about your mantle treasures! The pudding looks absolutely yummy! :)

  7. I love that jug and the sailor is hilarious! How ever did hubby get into collecting stoneware?

    your bread and butter pudding is torturing me, it looks so good.

    Good luck on Sunday, maybe we can meet up at Camberwell market next time I'm there :)

    Take care


  8. We love bread and butter pudding too, but it is on the 'no no' list to steer away from anything with butter. It clogs up the arteries, so they tell us. Ken's the one with the heart problem, not me, but it wouldn't be fair on him for me to continue cooking and eating all the goodies, while serving up boring wholesome food to him - ha!