Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mantlepiece Monday .... running late

First of all, I have to admit to being so busy with my Market Stall, and other family matters this last week I've hardly had any time for Blogging or Op shopping or anything else much.

Was lovely on Sunday to meet Claire from Jemima & Geraldine  at the North Melbourne Market, she's posted photos on her blog.

Now, my Mantlepiece, well to start with it is just on 3m long... so it has room for lots of 'pieces'.  I will report every Monday on some of the items, promise, starting next week. (will need to do a bit of dusting first!).
I will link up with Estelle, at Fortune Favours... lots of nice people have posted over there, lots of nice Mantlepiece collections to see...


  1. I like your mantelpiece, Lyndel.

    It's got a cool mid-century vibe to it ... and it looks like it incorporates some bookshelves. Cool.

  2. a three metre mantel, now MMMC that IS to much to hantel!
    Lydel, I can only dream of a three metre mantel with book shelves included, it's all part of my big mid century dream....

    Looking forward to hearing the stories behind your bit's and pieces :)

  3. Oh i wish i had a mantlepiece! Looking foward to see what you do with yours.

  4. Hi, love this mantle piece link, as I get to see everyones mantelpiece! 3 metres long that's fantastic, I like to change items on my every few weeks or so. Bx

  5. Wow, that IS a mantlepiece! 3 Metres!! Looking forward to it! It was a pleasure meeting you too; Nelly said she liked the swim suit :) Xoxox Claire

  6. Nice to see a photo of you on Miss Claire's blog! I'd love to check out this market next time, especially if you are both holding a stall there!