Monday, June 20, 2011

on my Mantle

Estelle over at Fortune Favours... suggested we post pics of things on our mantlepiece.

Well I do have various bits and pieces on the mantle during the year, but at Christmas time, I decorate this 1880s Salesmans Sample miniature cast iron fireplace and pop it on our mantle.
So Estelle... here's my first contribution!


  1. O'h I wish I had a mantle,
    I really really do
    then I could go and decorate it
    Lovely like you do!
    what a lovely pic,thanks for sharing.

  2. So cute Lyndel. Sadly we don't have a mantel in our house, not even a teensy weensy mini one.

  3. I bet Christams smeels amazing at your house, all pine cones and brandy butter.
    I love the whole mantle on a mantle bent :)

  4. Wow, the mini fireplace is super cute!

  5. That is really cool indeed!

  6. Lakota, at an antique shop in Melbourne. I actually have 3 different cast iron sample fireplaces, that's the only one with an overmantle and mirror♥

  7. We don't have a mantle on our fire, but there is a ledge on which sits a large cast iron kettle. I must take a photo of it and share. cheers Wendy