Monday, April 25, 2011

problem solving .. .. .. decluttering

I have recently started knitting again.  There were several years where I did no knitting at all, or very little, but I still cannot leave a bunch / bag / box of knitting needles at a Garage Sale. Oh no.. I must take them all home, just in case.

Well I have hundreds of the things, I am sure they multiply in the bottom of the wardrobe too. So during the holidays I decided to get serious and just keep 2 pair of each size I use, or may use. I gave some to granddaughter to take home and I sorted some tortoise shell ones to sell on eBay and I'm not sure what I'll do with the rest ! but for now when I want to knit something I'll be able to find a pair of needles.
I recently found this lovely pale green 'pouch' with hand embroidery at a GS, lady said her mum made it to keep pyjamas in.  It is just the size for my new project...
Today I will get out my sewing matching and some lovely linen tape I purchased from Kikki-k and make myself a Needle Holder...

well that is the plan... stay tuned for more updates.

I figured that if I wrote about it .. I would have to go ahead and do it.

[OK so I promise I will also take up the hem on a pair of Vic's at home track suit pants that have been sitting on a chair for several weeks!!]


  1. My mother's just started knitting again. I'll send her over to have a look at your needles.

    Good luck! You'll find knitting needles whenever you walk into an Op Shop now!

  2. The needle pouch is such a clever idea, it'll be very sweet. Like a knitting tool kit! And yes, now you must do it and show us 'after' photos :) Once I had declared on my blog and on facebook that I was going Vegetarian, i felt that I had to go through with it! And I did!


  3. I always buy opshopped needles that take my fancy (tortoise shell especially) even tho I dont need them and have heaps already.I still have ones from when I was a kid.

  4. I am MMMC's mum who has again taken to the knitting needle - with some considerable frustration.
    I have lost (?misplaced) all of y needles from all of those years ago when knitting was my 6th finger on each hand!
    I a trying to knit a rug which requires circular 8.00mm needle.
    I have a specimen from Spotlite of the right size, but of too short a length.
    I need a pair of 47 inches . (???cms)
    I have a set of sizes from China from eBay, but, I'm sure the needle is too small.
    Can you advise me on where to buy decent needles these days?
    My email is
    I'm desperate!
    Thank you for your blog.
    And thank you, MMMC for letting me know about this blog.

  5. Oh - Sacrilege - that beautiful pyjama case! But you have recycled it into something very useful, so I forgive you....sort of. (wink wink)

  6. oh Gina♥ I knew you would disapprove, sorry. But better to be loved and used, eh?