Sunday, April 10, 2011

My Weekly Finds, .. rather weak than weekly

Had a rather busy week this week so did not get out to visit a lot of Op Shops.
Some hospital visits with Hubby, and getting my spare room converted back to little Miss LJ's room (granddaughter coming to stay again during the school hols), meant I didn't get out to as many shops as I would have liked to.
However, I did have one good Habby-Haul .. lots of self cover button kits, some bias binding (including wide Hemming Tape),  needle gauge, embroidery floss, rug making tool, sequined something,  tortoiseshell knitting needles, some cards of Beutron Buttons and some hooks and eyes.. all in one little grubby plastic bag !  Hooray

Next Sunday I'm off to the North Melbourne Market again, with LJ as my able assistant (she'll love that). I'll be in the Ball Room on table #10 if you are in the area.

Over to Sophie's to check out her Flea Market Finds for the week, last week there was a lot of great finds, hope to see more this week.


  1. Cute haul! It'll all come in handy.

    Have a lovely time with GDRD (ie GranDaughter Royal Doulton).

  2. Cant wait to see the heart girl back again,

  3. Looking forward to seeing what GG finds hearts in :)

  4. all that haberdashery, sounds like a little heaven to me...! (scored some bias myself actually...)

  5. One can never get enough haberdashery, so you still achieved some great finds. I might try to get to the North Melb markets next weekend, they sound fun. Thanks for the great tip on kilts by the way!

  6. Love a good haby haul.

    Missed the market last time, hope to get there this Sunday.


  7. Hi Lyndel,

    I have passed you the 'Kreativ Blogger' award (second last post) if you would like to take it,

    Have a lovely weekend, Tam x

  8. My pleasure :) Copy and save the image (right click, Save Image As), then add it to your post as normal. If you have any problems let me know. Tam x