Sunday, April 24, 2011

My flea Free Market finds ~~ bloomin' lovely

Had a busy week with grand daughter here, and she left for her 'Road Trip' home with her Mum driving this weekend.  While she was here we did quite a bit of Op shopping, mostly looking for things for her, wool and knitting needles, embroidery threads, Aida cloth for Cross Stitching etc.. oh and Advertising Money Boxes, another of her favourite collectables.

She found a few, did a load of photography and her own blogging and totally enjoyed herself.

I still have not unpacked / sorted or even looked at the few things I found whilst Op Shopping, once I get the spare room back into my eBay / Market Stall Room and not LJ's bedroom, I will show you all what I found.
However, we went for a walk on Friday and this is what we found outside a house a few streets away.  Now who could resist the temptation to plant a heap of Iris' ? not me... I love them and do not have a lot around the house, so this morning this little lot went into the ground.  I' ll post pics eventually when they bloom, promise!
I hope I remember which house it was, I really should drop them a thank you note, but I was so excited to find them I don't know if I 'll recognise it again.

I can't have a Sunday without a post on Sophie's  Flea Market Finds, so this will have to do for today.


  1. oh my! and that in spring time... it must be a sign. i think irisses are deep, not just for van gogh's sake... ;)
    looking forward to the rest now. happy bells!

  2. Good stuff! I love to hear and am inspired by your stories of LJ she sounds like the perfect little companion. x e

  3. I love Irises cant wait to see them bloom Bet you be missing the Little Heart girl I love reading her posts

  4. Lyndell,
    that's an excellent find. So thoughtful for the original owners to put them out. It'd be a shame to through potential living flowers in the bin.

    Can't wait to see them bloom!

  5. I'm not too sure if I like the way Sportsgirl is using the make do and mend/granny blanket they really want their customers to buy their clothes etc from op-shops? I don't think so...I can't believe they stopped your grand daughter from taking pics (well I can really...) off to check out her blog.

    ps I filled my car with free Agaves somebody no longer wanted and had tossed on the verge...probably worth hundreds of dollars!

  6. Kylie, their Make do and Mend is a section in their store where you can have alterations done etc. Sportsgirl also have a large range of 'VINTAGE' clothing, i.e. secondhand from the 1970s and 1980s... and at approx. $60 a piece, not exactly op shop prices!! LOL

  7. Lovely to find extra irises! The best thing about having a garden is the sharing!

  8. My neighbor used to give me free plants and I was so touched by them. He said they are gifts from God.