Friday, April 15, 2011

now I am Kreative too ♥

thanks to dear Tamara over at A Treasured Past, I too have been given a Kreativ Blogger Award, thanks Tam ! but do I really have to tell you TEN things about myself ? oh dear.

1. I'm probably the oldest blogger I know, and had to get my 11 year old granddaughter to set up my first blog.

2. In my working life I was a Secretary, a Stamp and Coin Dealer and a Real Estate Agent.

3. In my retired life I'm an eBayer and a Market Stall Holder.

4. I have, during the last 43 years I have lived on 3 Continents.

5. I love all things vintage, china, linen, everything!~

6. I collect Inkwells (but most of you know that from my other blog)

7. I have recently rekindled my love of knitting, and WILL master the art of crochet one day.

8. I have my adorable granddaughter come to stay every School Term Holidays.

9. My computer and my mobile phone are both vintage!!!!!! (gr'daughter added this one)

10. Op Shop Shopping is an absolute MUST for me, I never go for more than a week without op shopping.

Now I will pass this on to some of my favourite bloggers,
. Waste Not Do Want  ~ for being such a great recycler.
. Grrl+dog for all her inspiration, and for introducing me to Yarn Bombing
. Her Library Adventures for her wonderful Flea Market Finds
. Make Mine Mid Century because she fits so much into every 24hours
. Original Mischief ~ because she is Original ♥
. Rolling in Fabric  ~ so inspirational
. Teacups and Graffiti ~ because I just love her photos every day
. Twilight Taggers ~ such urban yarn-bombing fun
. Dabbling All Day ~ for keeping up my enthusiasm for Crafting
. Freebies for Crafters  ~ for great ideas

wow, there are so many more I could add.....


  1. Well done Lyndel I would have chosen you as well but Miss Scarlett beat me to it.
    Speaking of inkwells I saw a glass one in an opshop last week it was a double dipper but lids were missing from hinges wasnt sure if it was worth buying so left it now kicking myself.Thoughts?

  2. Thanks so much Lyndel!! I'm honoured. Love your answers... I think the only thing I didn't know was the Real Estate Agent bit :)

  3. Congrats! I keep putting off writing my list about me - I'm secretive for a blogger! Looking forward to finding out what yarn bombing is... ;-)

  4. Woo!!! Congratulations! Hehe...♥.


  5. Lakota, go read my other Blog.... Blue Poles, Stripe Poles and Warm Poles.... all will be revealed....

  6. Hi Lyndel, Yay, you got it to work no worries :) Thanks for the link. How can you be the oldest blogger when you are only 21?? Wow, three continents, where did you live ?? Thanks for sharing more about you :) We don't even use a mobile...a very rare breed we are indeed. Love seeing your opshop finds, bye for now, Tam x