Friday, April 29, 2011

Lots and Lots [and Lots] of Op Shopping week

 Where do I start? just about every shop I dropped into this week, and in the days just before Easter had something that I 'wanted or needed'.
first up lots of lovely Tea Towels, and a pair of retro fabric pillowcases and some leather gloves, one pair with cut out embroidery and one long pair to the elbow (missing one pearl button).  Of the Tea towels I think I love the linen one best showing the 'perfect family' at the dinner table with Mother delivering yet another perfect meal♥

then there was this cute gingham check table cloth. Not so very very old, the lace around the edges is nylon, as are the ribbons making up the corner decorations, but I thought it was sweet.
And speaking of ribbons, I found a small box with some lovely old velvet and gross-grain ribbons in it, and a tiny bridal horseshoe.
Then there was this nice old English dress .. somehow I just had to have it. Of course it will not fit ME, but I'm sure someone at the North Melbourne Market will love it...

Then one of my weirder finds.... a doll head, arms and legs, nicely made and beautifully painted, obviously made at a Class of some kind, and never completed. She even has her finger and toe nails painted in pale pink.
She's definitely a candidate for eBaying.
a couple of meters of a nice rose floral fabric.
 - - - and for good measure a half a dozen copies of STITCHCRAFT.

Gee there was more in that basket in the boot of the car than I realized!
Yes it has been a good week, and I'll have to keep hunting, as I just cannot bear to go a whole week with no 'finds'.


  1. Lyndel, I love love LOVE that tea towel! What a great find. Well done. I admit to being slightly jealous btw.
    I think the Mammy tablecloth is wonderful too. I have a gorgeous Mammy biscuit barrel that belonged to my Grandmother.

  2. That tea towel is fantastic!!

  3. Gorgeous gloves Lyndel I would have bought those too. Have a great weekend, Tam x

  4. wow so many great finds in one outing, the tea towels, the dress, the dolls head etc and not one but two lovely pairs of gloves.
    next time i am coming shopping with you please.

  5. Wow! You did good here...I love the gloves and the tea towel with her serving her family(that's what my dinner looks like each night....not!)