Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Liberty Scarf ~ timeless elegance

I just love LIBERTY Scarves, and I know a lot of you do too.
A few weeks ago I came across this lovely little 20 page booklet from Liberty, with hints and diagrams about how to wear your Liberty Scarf.
Here's what the introduction to the booklet says...
From the late 19th Century, when Liberty squares were first printed, scarves and shawls have been synonymous with the name of Liberty.
Throughout the decades since, Liberty squares have continued to be coveted and worn as stylish and colourful accessories.
Today, despite the relaxed dictates of fashion, scarves and shawls remain indispensable fashion accessories, maintaining their traditional popularity whilst enjoying new expressions through the inventiveness of the wearer.
These pages illustrate a few ideas for you to try yourself. They are east to follow, pleasing to wear and complement most fashion styles.
Adapt them to suit your own personal style, or experiment and follow your own inspirations.
Above all enjoy the versatility of Liberty Scarves and Shawls which are never out of fashion.

some of the scarves illustrated are named (e.g. the Tree of Life on the front cover), unfortunately some are not.
There was no date on the booklet but the London telephone number was 01-870 7631, which would put it in the 1980s I think. They quote a telex and fax number but not an email or website!

Hope you enjoy taking a peek inside this booklet.


  1. I like the bun one... very reminiscent (sp?) of the 50's.

  2. love the scarves did you know you can make an evening bag from them just tie a not on each corner and leave about 4inches at the end then join 2 together, of which makes your first handle,
    then do the same to the other side you have your handles, for a little bag, and if you want you can put a tassle under the bottom of it or beads, looks good happy crafting craftycarol

  3. Oh Lyndel, I just LOVE the how-to booklet. It's really hard to find these days a good illustrated breakdown of how to wear scarves in interesting ways... and as you know, with all my Ken Done scarves, I could well do with some advice! xo