Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday afternoon and it is all finished

Well I really am proud of myself today. Finished this in just one weekend, and I am very pleased with the results.  I distressed the edges ever so slightly, for that 'shabby chic' look, using a rather fine sandpaper, so as not to get carried away with the process.

Now I have no excuse to not sort out my tshirts, pjs and undies into neat tidy drawers,.... oh yes, I forgot to buy lining paper, so have to wait another day or 2.

My first venture into a make-over I shall count as a big success!


  1. Brilliant work! It's satisfying when you tackle a job and pull it off. Lovely.

  2. oh fabulous job! it looks great!

  3. Well done Lyndel, it's hard to remember what it looked like before!

  4. That looks fabulous Lyndel! I just love those knobs, you did such a fantastic job :) I think you may just have given me the kickstart to finally do the same to my girl's.

  5. Your new drawers look gorgeous.
    Enjoy filling them neatly when you get the paper.

  6. It looks super, Lyndel! White furniture always looks so bright and clean, and fits in with anything else in the room be it curtains, floor coverings, or whatever.
    Thanks for your comment on my blog. I'm going down to Aldi's on Saturday - they have a sale on basic Singer models for $99, with a three year warranty. Why the hell would anyone pay twice that to get an old machine fixed?!
    I'm sorry to hear about Vic...hope we can catch up soon for a coffee. I'll understand if you are not in the mood for opshopping at the moment. It's been too bloody hot to traipse around opshops the last couple of weeks anyway!

  7. It looks great! I'm guessing this is not a good time to confess I don't have lining paper in any of my drawers...?