Saturday, March 2, 2013

Day Two ..

 Day Two and the drawers have been undercoated, and since this photo was taken also had their first coat of Antique White USA, paint.
 The Body has also had an undercoat, in the bedroom as I couldn't carry it outside to the garage on my own. Might be OK to give a first topcoat tomorrow morning.

I also managed to go shopping today and purchased 8 very sweet silver knobs for the drawers at PROVINCIAL HOME LIVING.  They have lovely furniture and accessories, and who knew they also stock a wide range of knobs?
Just need to buy a hacksaw now, as the screws are too long and will have to be cut off once put into position.  Hey, this is turning into a fun project.

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  1. Hi Lyndel, its looking great. I really like your new knobs. Tam x