Friday, March 1, 2013

my first Painting Project

Yesterday I went shopping, at Bunnings.  I have a plan.

This 1980s 'orange' pine chest of drawers is very handy, it stores lots of my clothes and things, in my unit where storage is at a premium. But - - -  it's ugly.  In our previous home it fitted inside the walk-in robe, so was out of sight and didn't bother me too much. Prior to that, it was in my son's bedroom, matching his pine bed,[ just like all teens had in 1981].

I have only ever once tried to paint a piece of furniture, it was about 1978 and it was an ugly brown wardrobe, which became an ugly green-antique-finish, painted wardrobe! I never picked up a paintbrush again.

This afternoon I started the 'reno' Removed all handles, sanded down all the drawer surfaces and I have given each one an undercoat.  Yay me!  The body is too heavy and difficult for me to remove to the garage without help. So I have bought a drop cloth and I will paint it  in the bedroom tomorrow!
The plan is to paint it all white, and rub back a few places to get a 'shabby chic' look.

watch this space |__|


  1. Oh,its going to look lovely Lyndel. You are so good doing the undercoat, I just do the top..haha. Can't wait for the reveal. Enjoy your weekend, Tam x

  2. I'm sure it'll be lovely when you fiish it Lyndel.

    Check this blog out for inspiration and tips:

    Courtney transforms furniture like this all the time. The results speak for themselves. She's always happy to give advice if you need it too.

    Happy painting x